Webinar: Building an In-House Agency from the Ground Up

Bringing traditionally external agency capabilities in house can be daunting. There are multiple moving parts from sourcing the right talent and technology to designing and implementing processes that enable seamless operations. The good news is that the rewards are worth the risks, resulting in higher-quality output, increased control, shorter lead times, and significant cost savings—all of which leads to happy clients and business leaders.

Join Tara DeZao, former head of Oracle Data Cloud’s award-winning StudioODC, as she takes us through her in-house agency’s journey from a single contributor to a small-but-mighty team that successfully scaled to meet the needs of a large corporation while achieving some amazing things along the way. IHAF is the In-House Agency Forum—the leading professional membership association for in-house advertising, marketing and creative services organizations. For access to IHAF’s events, benefits and programming, go to: http://www.ihaforum.org.

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